A Note From The Sonic Connections Founder

Hello and welcome to the official Sonic Connections web site. Here you can find anything relating to Sonic and or Sonic Connections. Please pay a visit to everypage as you might find exactly what your looking for. The site is still in heavy construction and will be updated weekly.

Sonic Connections is a vision by me to bring the devided fan base back to one. Over the years, the Sonic fan base has been split into different areas such as Green Eyes VS Black Eyes, Modern VS Classic, 3D VS 2D, and the list goes on. Sonic Connections is a place where fans can come together without the differances and enjoy the one thing that we all enjoy. 

So please enjoy your visit to Sonic Connections and dont forget to leave some feed back on how we can improve!

- C.E.O. and Founder

Evean Land